5 Action Steps that Will Lead to a Successful Recovery

Addiction recovery is a process that, although challenging at times, is most rewarding. While we all walk a very unique path to recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol, our goals are quite similar from day to day. Most of us simply want to maintain sobriety, gain strength, feel better and achieve success. But how?

Whether you’re receiving telemedicine from our Huntington Beach office or outpatient treatment for opioid addiction, alcoholism, methamphetamine addiction or some other form of substance abuse, consider these action steps that you can take that will lead to a successful recovery from substance abuse and dependence.

  1. Trust Yourself: This one is probably the most difficult at first because you’ve likely ruined a lot of relationships with active addiction, including your own relationship with yourself. However, now is the time to step back, think about the actions you are taking towards your recovery, and trust that you can and will do better for yourself. Self confidence will take time, but as you grow and learn just how strong you are, you will find the ability to not only trust yourself, but to believe in yourself and the power that you have to fight through the temptation to abuse harmful substances and focus on a successful recovery.
  2. Change Your Lifestyle: Inpatient treatment teaches you how to change your lifestyle so that you can build a foundation for successful recovery, but if your detox is taking place with the help of a telemedicine specialist, you need to be aware of the lifestyle changes you should be making to ensure your recovery. Many positive changes can be made to your lifestyle to facilitate successful recovery such as:
  • Make a commitment to daily exercise.
  • Make time to see friends or family that are not using drugs or alcohol.
  • Take time to enjoy new hobbies or to try a new craft.
  • Keep a recovery journal that notes the highs and lows you experience each day of sobriety.

3. Set Goals: Not just any goals, realistic goals! If you’re not sure what a SMART goal is, Google it! You want your goals to be specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic or relevant, and timely or time sensitive.  As you set goals for yourself, think of how they apply to your recovery success. Consider setting goals to help you:

  • Achieve small successes each day.
  • Reach bigger successes or goals each week.
  • Stay on track to reach a major monthly milestone.
  • Reward yourself for small successes (remember to keep rewards safe for sobriety!)

4. Build Your Support Network: The stronger your support network, the greater your chance of recovery will be. Identify those that will contribute positively to your life and that will support you when you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. If supportive friends are few, it’s time to build new relationships with supportive people. You need to focus on those who will help you achieve recovery success. Think of the friends and family members in your network that you are comfortable talking to and whom you know will not place you at risk of relapse. 

5. Keep Working Toward Recovery:

Most importantly, no matter what happens along the way, don’t give up. If you relapse, which is very easy to do when overcoming an addiction, the best thing you can do is pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. When you need help, communicate with your addiction specialist through either an in-person or telemedicine appointment. Remember, even GREAT people make mistakes!

Keep following up with your telemedicine treatment and counseling sessions. Continue to attend your 12-step meetings and to talk with your support network about your recovery. For the greatest chance at success, keep working on your steps toward recovery at all times.

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